Nancy Hathaway

Center for Studying Mindfulness

"...centering in relationship with whatever is happening in this moment"

EcoPsychology Work


Presence ~ Happiness ~ Wisdom

Being mindful in relationship, as couple, mother/child, employee/supervisor, and in community brings presence, happiness, and wisdom. Joy, aliveness, and connection in everyday ordinary life are the side effects of practicing Mindfulness.

Using skillful techniques from the many traditions that she has studied and practiced:  Zen, Mindfulness, Vipassana, Tonglen Meditation, Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction, Counseling, Buddhist Psychology, Authentic communication (NVC) and Gestalt Therapy, Nancy guides others exploring how these traditions can offer more intimacy in relationship to what is happening right here, right now whether it is with your partner, your child,  group interactions or the emotional bond between humans and the earth. These skills are offered in one on one private mentoring sessions in an office setting in Blue Hill (Surry), zoom or phone appointments,  in group workshops, business, corporate events, medical settings, universities, or courses with CMEs/CEUs, graduate credits available.

Eight Week Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction Classes are held many times during the year.. Email Nancy or view 'workshops' for specific dates and locations. (