Mindfulness-based Compassionate Communication

Using Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction as the foundation, we speak from the place of experience rather than from blame, judgment, right and wrong. The skills learned focus on what is being observed, the feelings that arise, then using these feelings seen as a gift giving us information about what basic human need is either being met or not met. When we realize what the need is, then we look for strategies to meet that need. We call this empathy for oneself.

When we do the above while focused on another person, we call that empathy for the other.

In conflict, we acknowledge both needs with respect. Once these are finalized with each side, we move to explore different strategies with the hope of finding a strategy that meets both needs.

This work can be done individually for oneself, with another, with another country using this same skill-set.

Using this style of communicating, respect is shown without blame and compassion arises by itself.


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